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How are you feeling today?

Keeping track of your moods is critical to understanding your mental health. With Steep’s daily mood tracker you can view how your mood changes over time.

Monitor your mood over time

Want to be happier? Want to better understand your highs and lows? Enter mood tracking with Steep. Record your mood throughout the day and start visualizing your mental health.


Track your moods each day and work towards a better you.


Checking in from time to time can add up. Make sure to set aside time for you.


Now combine your mood tracker with journals and goals, and reach the better you.

Take a minute to check in.

Moods are personal

Find what matters to you, and track it.

No matter where you are in life, there’s always something more. Reflection can help you find out what goals you might have, so track them and start checking them off.

Build a better you

Find you’re happiest

With one click each day, you can work towards the best version of yourself. Track your moods throughout the day, and while you’re at it, maybe even free write.

Modern mental health

Mood tracking, for
the future you.