Why You Need To Track Your Goals

Tracking goals to build a better you.

Writing down your goals

You’re not going to reach your goals if you don’t write them down. But what are you going to write down? Think about who you are today versus who you want to become in the future. Whether it’s years aways, months, or just days, set the goal, and make it count.

Shoot for the moon

Some goals are smaller, and you can accomplish them in the short term. Others are a bit larger, where you might need a few days, weeks, or even months. But then there are the ones that might even seem impossible. These are multi-quarter or even multi-year goals. Reaching these types of goals takes persistence, commitment, and a lot of effort. Write them down, check-in on them over time, and you’ll watch yourself grow.

Reflect on your milestones

As you reach your goals, you’ll build your history of milestones. These goals are the steps you take to become who you are today, and shape what you can become in the future. As you work towards a goal, break it down into smaller steps. Reflect on these steps and how you are tracking, fine tune your goals, and make sure you’re on track.

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Reach your goals

Set a new goal today.