Personal journal

A journal for the future you.

A personal journal is a place to let out your inner thoughts, reflect on them, A clear mind starts with reflection. Take time to write and check-in with yourself. Over time you’ll record your story.

Personal and private, always.

Unlimited writing, tracking, and more.

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Memories are worth remembering.

Make your memories last in a personal journal. Just because you don’t want to post it on Instagram doesn’t make it not worth remembering.

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Journal with confidence

Don’t worry about likes, worry about you.

Write whatever you’re feeling, whenever you’re feeling it. Your journal is your space to express yourself.

Save your memories

It’s not worth forgetting.

A journal doesn’t holds your best moments, and all the rest. Build your story over time, remembering the good times and maybe the not so good, so you can grow and reflect in time.

Private and secure

Lock and encrypt your journals

Writing something private? No matter what you put in Steep, feel secure by locking any journal with a unique password. Your content are always private by default, and stored safely and securely.

Modern journaling

A personal journal built for you.